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Louisville Dental Implants

Where can I get Louisville dental implants?

Are you unfortunately missing a tooth or teeth? If so, keep reading, because Parkside Family Dental may have the correct dental healthcare solution for you! With our exceptional Louisville dental implants, we’ve restored countless smiles within our community and surrounding neighborhoods. If you feel you may qualify for dental implants, or want to see what other excellent restorative options we offer, consider Parkside Family Dental.

Louisville Dental Implants

A patient’s eligibility for dental implants is dependent on several factors that Dr.Bogdan Graboviy and Dr. Ming Xu thoroughly evaluate. Among the highest concerns is whether the patient has sufficient bone density in the jaw to support the implant. Because the implant needs an approximate three to six months to fuse to the bone, patients with low bone density may require preliminary procedures, such as a bone graft, and perhaps a follow-up procedure to correct a loose implant. We take special care with patients suffering from advanced gum disease or those who regularly smoke, who may also have more considerations to qualifying for Louisville dental implants. After a comprehensive dental examination, and thorough patient consultation, the best replacement and restoration option can be determined based on your individual needs.

Because dental implants are small surgical posts that come the closest to replicating the natural look, feel, and function of a natural tooth, and can be maintained for a long time with proper care, pursuing their possibility as a tooth replacement option is well worth the effort. Louisville dental implants provide stimulation to the bone of the jawbone, preventing further bone loss and restoring those youthful bone-supported facial contours. Full dental crowns can be supported by a single dental implant, or multiple implants can provide enhanced stabilization for custom fabricated bridges and removable dentures.

When it comes to replacing your missing tooth, it is important to consider all your options. If you’re in Louisville, KY, let Parkside Family Dental help guide you to the best solution for your smile! Because dental implants are so advantageous, we will step through each qualifying measure to ensure you get the most precise restorative treatment suited to your needs. Call Parkside Family Dental to schedule a consultation today!


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