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Where can I find a Louisville Implant Dentist?

For a practice that makes the state-of-the-art in modern dental care available to you and your loved ones, look to Parkside Family Dental for your general, family and cosmetic dentistry needs. Our dentists are highly distinguished and dedicated to providing excellent results for our patients. We provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages, including the essentials in preventive, emergency and restorative dental care, as well as the most leading-edge restorative, laser and cosmetic services for your smile. As a Louisville implant dentist, we’re also proud to offer the latest treatment solutions for helping patients reestablish complete and beautiful smiles.

Louisville Implant Dentist

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you’re going to want to discuss your options with an experienced Louisville implant dentist. At our office we will work closely with you to develop the replacement solution and treatment plan best suited to your comfort level, budget and treatment goals. We offer an exceptional variety of customized bridgework, dentures, and dental implants, always tailor-made to your unique needs. For the option that comes the closest to replicating the performance, appearance and feel of your natural teeth, you’re going to want to discuss the possibilities offered by dental implants. Dental implants insert directly into the jaw, integrating with the bone to provide unrivaled stability for the placement of a custom crown or prosthesis above the gumline. By stimulating the underlying bone tissue, like the roots of your own teeth, implants also help to retain the natural contours of your face while promoting the overall health of your jaws. Depending on your unique needs, dental implants can be used to replace single, several, or all teeth along a dental arch. They can even be strategically placed to secure a fixed permanent bridge, making for a cost-effective replacement solution which still maintains the optimal benefits of dental implants.

We invite you to our office to discuss the new possibilities for your smile with our experienced Louisville implant dentist. To schedule your next consultation, give a call to Parkside Family Dental today!

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