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Louisville Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Louisville

When it comes to finding an emergency dentist, it is important to find an office that has established a reputation of excellence. For dental emergencies in the Louisville community, Parkside Family Dental is an outstanding choice for care. As your Louisville emergency dentist, we can assure you that your toothache will be treated promptly and effectively to alleviate your distress. As experienced dental practitioners delivering state-of-the-art care, we are prepared to address all of your urgent dental needs.

Louisville Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can arise for any number of reasons. Many times individual seek emergency dental services due to a toothache or dental trauma. Some dental emergencies are a may be more embarrassing than painful such as when the crown on your front tooth dislodges or your denture breaks. Whatever the reason for your discomfort, you can rest assured that as your Louisville emergency dentist we can help you.

Toothaches can be caused by a handful of reasons, but typically they are the result of extensive tooth decay. Other causes can include periodontal disease, repetitive grinding of the teeth, a fractured tooth, or a damaged filling. Symptoms can also vary. Whereas toothaches are usually first determined by a constant or throbbing sharp pain, it can also result in pain when biting down, swelling around the afflicted tooth, or a fever/headache. Never let a toothache go untreated as larger complications to the health of your tooth as well as overall well being can develop. Call your Louisville emergency dentist at Parkside Family Dental immediately. Our dentist will precisely determine the underlying source of your discomfort and take every necessary step to alleviate your suffering and restore the health of your smile

For patients in the local community and neighboring areas looking for a Louisville emergency dentist, look no further than Parkside Family Dental. You can rest assured that we’ll provide you with just the right care.  Whatever your dental emergency may be our expert dentists at Parkside Family Dental have you covered. For more information, call our office today.


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